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Each category has 5 puzzles

Costume Dramas
20 TV Themes on the Billboard Charts
- 1960s
- 1970s
- 1980s
- Top 5 Countdown
SNL Season One
Partner & Partner in Crime
Two Actors, One Character
Shows Set in Seattle
Sitcoms About Television News
Name That Theme Song
Celebrities Who Died in 2010
Time Travel
Who Wants To...
Tonight Show Hosts
Characters That Drink
Celebrity Endorsements
Game Shows
- 1950s
- 1960s
- 1970s
- 1980s
- Reality TV
Sitcoms Set in L.A.
Celebrities on The Dating Game
Starts with E
Great Mini Series of the 70s and 80s
Same Character, Different Actors
Premiered in 2001
Power Rangers
_____ and the _____
Not the Star of the Show
Only in America
TV Lyrics
Cartoon Birds
Cartoon Dogs
Cartoon Cats
The Real Housewives of _____
Shows That Switched Networks
The Original Star Trek
Portrayed Domestic Servants
Shows on NBC Mystery Movie
The Muppet Show
One-Season TV Wonders
Better Off Dead
Superhero Comedy Series
Science Education Programs
Shows Set in Washington, D.C.
Highest Nielsens for 2+ Years