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Each category has 5 puzzles

TV’s Single Fathers
Heavenly Creatures on TV
Had Powers on Bewitched
Sitcoms in Triplicate
Kids’ Educational Shows
TV Detective Characters
On Saturday Night Live
December Birthdays
That ‘70s Show Actors
Shows That Premiered in 1994
Shows that Start with the Letter ‘M’
Reality Show Hosts
Didn’t Drive Cars on this Show
Personalities Who Died in 2006
Recurring Seinfeld Characters
TV Arithmetic
Acronyms and Initials
Celebrity Endorsements
Alcoholics and Boozers
Dramas in Triplicate
TV is Going to the Dogs
Art and Artists on TV Shows
Celebrity Vanity License Plates
February Birthdays
Band Leaders on TV
Where Do They Eat?
Character Last Name Starts with B
25 TV Moms
Name That Boat
Rare Movie Star TV Appearances
Candy is Dandy
Rankin-Bass Christmas Specials
Power to the Puppets
Famous TV Headwear
Famous TV Clothing
Super Secret Organizations
Actors in Triplicate
Cookbooks by Characters
Marriages Made on TV
Blind Characters on TV
January Birthdays
Native Americans
Their First Spoken Words
Lodges and Men’s Clubs
Desperate Housewives Characters
Places Found Only on TV
Melonville Residents (SCTV)