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Each category has 5 puzzles

Talk Show Sidekicks
Produced by Aaron Spelling
Take Me To The Hospital
TV’s Middle Children
They Are Being Neighborly
Hot Cars and Their Stars
Characters Who Were Never Seen
Military TV Series
Tony Soprano’s Family
Sketch Comedy Shows
All About Monty Python
Classic Warner Brothers Toons
A Very Brady Puzzle
Were Themselves on The Simpsons
Discovery Channel Shows
Commercial Characters
Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Shows on Comedy Central
25 TV Character Nicknames
Name the five original MTV VJ's
Who Played the Baywatch Babes
Beauty Contest Winners Turned Actress
Did Double Duty on SNL
Sitcoms Set in Los Angeles
The Adventures of...
Actors on Get Smart, Not Don Adams
The Women of Grey’s Anatomy
The Real World
Replaced Characters on M*A*S*H
Where CBS Soaps Take Place
First 5 Actors That Played Dr. Who
Name the Characters on Heroes
First Season Stars of Law & Order
Final Season Stars of Law & Order
Characters on Charlie's Angels
Actors on Fawlty Towers, Not John Cleese
25+ Episodes in a Season
Title Ends With 'Life'
Acronyms, Abbreviations & Initials
Raise Your Glasses to These Characters
Art & Artists
Band Leaders on TV
The Characters Next Door
Mortal Characters on Bewitched
Blind Characters on TV
Candy on TV, How Sweet