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Each category has 5 puzzles

Call A Doctor
Name the Producer
Shows That Premiered in 2000
Shows that Start with the Letter ‘B’
Shows Like These Are Criminal
TV Beginnings: Kids’ Show Hosts
Newspapers in TV Shows
Highest Nielsens for 2+ Years
Actors on Smallville
Cartoons Based on Previous Programs
Sign-offs from Newscasters
Showbiz Superlatives
See If You Know The Shows
Twins on TV Shows
Names of TV Horses
Celebrities on The Dating Game
70's TV Listings
Shows that Start with the Letter ‘E’
Monumental Mini Series
Actors Who Are 5 Feet or Shorter
One Show, Two Hosts
Same Character, Different Actors
Shows That Premiered in 2001
Shows That Switched Networks
One Divided By Two
Prolific Producers
Spin-offs from Other Shows
2008 TV Season
Late Night Talk Show Hosts
TV’s Longest Running Series
Played Domestic Help on TV
2006 TV Season
All About the Andy Griffith Show
Cooking on the Food Channel
Dating Shows: Love on the Set
2005 Season
Hanna-Barbera Characters
Shows on NBC Mystery Movie
All About The Muppets
25 Batman Villains
Shows That Premiered in 1993
Shows that Start with the Letter ‘O’
One-Season TV Wonders
Drama + Comedy = Dramedy
Actors and Actresses Who Died in 2001
Names of Shows on HBO
Aaron Spelling Produced It
Famous Catchphrases